Lightweight Portable Tables

Introduction to Lightweight Portable Tables

In today's world where everything is made slimmer, lighter, and cheaper, people may abhor the application of those same principles to home furniture. Of course, nobody would desire to sit on a chair that can easily get broken because of its lightness and cheap materials. However, lightweight versions of our day-to-day items are not always that bad. Take, for instance, lightweight portable tables. Although seldom used at home as the main furniture piece at the dining table, lightweight portable tables can serve a number of uses when you least expect it. Here are a few situations when you will surely appreciate having lightweight portable tables at home.

Outdoor Dining or Barbecues

If you decided on having a few friends over for an outdoor lunch or afternoon barbecue, you might contemplate on buying or renting out a few lightweight portable tables for the occasion. Transferring the big dining table outdoors is not really a good idea. It is too laborious, time-consuming, and risky. It's quite difficult to transfer the bulky table back indoors when unexpected rain comes pouring in. Lightweight portable tables are best because they can easily be transferred from one place to another and can easily be cleaned or wiped dry as well.

Garage Adventures

You might realise one day that your garage needs some cleaning up or that car sitting snugly there needs some internal maintenance. Not all garages are equipped with workman's tables, so having lightweight portable tables will easily organise your workman's tools for you. It won't consume too much garage space either, so you can move about freely as you clean up those shelves or fix a few items in your car. After cleaning up or fixing what needs to be fixed in your vehicle, all you have to do is to store your workman's tools, wipe the table clean, fold it neatly and store it in a corner of the garage or in your storage area.

Organising an Event or Party

Any occasion that would call itself an important event such as a party will not be complete without tables. However, it is quite difficult to transfer solid tables that can accommodate your hundred or so guests. The likely solution is to rent lightweight portable tables instead. They can easily be transferred using one lorry, organised according to the lay-out proposed by your event organiser, and folded and tucked back in the lorry after the event is finished. The rental for such tables is also not that expensive. Therefore, you don't have to worry about spending too much for the logistics of your event.

Lightweight portable tables are not exactly an interior designer's idea of excellent furniture for the home. However, these tables are not meant to be decorative furniture anyway. They were created for situations wherein tables are needed minus the weight, bulkiness, and difficulty to move from one place to another. Don't expect too much from your portable table. Instead, use it for its intended purpose and don't overdo it. If you know your lightweight tables' limits, you can keep it in good condition for many years, waiting for that special situation when you need its lightweight, easy-carry, and non-cluttered services again.

Lightweight Portable Tables