Portable Tables for Laptops

Introduction to Portable Tables for Laptops

Laptops, despite their names, are not meant to sit directly in your lap. There are many reasons for this – some centre around the fact that the processor will not be well enough ventilated, meaning overheating which will in time hurt your laptop. Other reasons centre on your own health - if a laptop overheats in your lap, it could lead to burn (it's been known to happen, just look on the internet). The advantage of a laptop over a desktop computer is its portability – so, since it's recommended that you do get a device to place the laptop on, that device should be just as portable.

Why a Portable Laptop Table?

There are many devices that can hold a laptop. For ingenious people (who may not have the time or the money to go shopping for laptop holding devices) a board will do. Shops will present you with many devices that look more and more interesting with time, which can fulfil the purpose of a laptop holder. Most of them are made so that you can hold your laptop while being in bed, or lying down. However a more healthy option might be a portable desk (or table) for the laptop.

It is true that a portable table might seem impractical – for the simple reason that it takes time to assemble it, not to mention the fact that it will probably also require a chair (which also might need to be assembled). On the other hand – and you can check this out with any doctor – lying in bed for a long time leads to back problems and very few people use the laptop for less than one hour at a time. There's a reason why at work we use a desk and not a bed and it's not just because our bosses fear we will fall asleep while working. A portable table, mimicking a desk, will allow you to reconstruct a working environment, it will be good for your back and it might avoid embarrassing situations that include dropping the laptop or holding it in awkward positions that might harm you and the laptop at the same time.

Portable Laptop Table Prices

Depending on the table characteristics (you may find some rather sci-fi options, while browsing for one), a price for a portable laptop table can vary from £10 to £300. Laptop table types vary from small pieces that can be used in a similar manner as a small breakfast table to larger devices that are specific for laptop usage, allowing you to control the position of the laptop (based on your own preferences and the position in which you use the laptop). The more expensive models will also include a cooling device, sparing you the effort of thinking up a position that would keep the laptop ventilated, or buying an additional device for that purpose. Tables are also adapted based on their purpose – if you are using a laptop for business presentations, you require a different piece compared to simply reading your e-mail or working in a hotel room.

Portable Tables for Laptops