Portable Dining Tables

Introduction to Portable Dining Tables

Most of us do not throw parties all the time – so furnishing our house to be ready for a party at all times is rather unnecessary and impractical. However, we do need to be ready for the times when we do have a lot of guests in the house – and one of the aspects we should be able to take care of quite often involves having dining tables and chairs available. An easy solution for this is having portable dining table and chairs – they are easily assembled before a party and just as easily packed away afterwards.

Buying a Portable Dining Table

This process is not one of the hardest out there. You need to establish what purpose you want the dining table to serve – if it's for outside parties or for inside parties, how many people you want to fit at the table and the shape you want the table to take. Most portable tables are rectangular or round – each shape having its own distinctive advantages. Rectangular tables are more practical and more suited for large parties, while round tables are friendlier, more open to decorations and encourage communication among all the guests (as opposed to guests sitting next or opposed to each other). Rectangular tables are also usually found at a lower price.

It's also recommended to choose a material for the table. If the table is designed for outside use (like a picnic table), an aluminium or steel table could be sufficient. The cost is lower and also they are much easier to clean afterward – not to mention a picnic might be better suited by a more casual appearance. On the other hand if you're thinking of throwing stylish parties inside the house, a portable wooden table would definitely suit you better. It's more impractical, more difficult to carry around (being heavier) and definitely more expensive but it sure looks much better.

Portable Dining Table Prices

Small portable aluminium dining tables can be found for prices as little as £20. Of course, small tables will only have two available seats and fit around four or five food plates, so if you're going for larger parties, you need to buy more than one or simply go for the larger ones. If you're not set on buying a new table, eBay has some nice offers with tables going for as low as £4. For more stylish oak tables fitting up to 6 people, you might need to be willing to pay as high as £170.

Compared to regular dining tables, you will find that portable dining tables are a little less expensive. This is because the portable aspect usually implies that the table will see the light of day much less, meaning that producers don't spend as much time on the decorative aspect as they do on making sure that the table is easily carried and easily assembled. Though, that in no way means that you cannot have a nice stylish dinner on a portable table – after all if the table is not decorated from the start, you can make it so it ends that way.

Portable Dining Tables