Portable Tables for Sale

Introduction to Portable Tables for Sale

Portable tables can serve several purposes and are one of those objects that can be easily found in just about every household – but also in a lot of stores, if needed. The most commonly used portable table is the picnic table – as its name suggests, it something that is highly practical to have during picnics; but can also be used in the case of small house parties when all the other tables are not sufficient. Other types of portable tables include massage tables or manicure tables.

Where to Acquire a Portable Table?

Just like with anything else nowadays, it all depends on how much effort you're willing to put in. You can buy a portable table in both online stores and department stores. Just about any large supermarket should sell at least picnic tables – they are usually located quite close to the entrance, in the gardening area. In the case of online stores, if you trust buying something like this without checking it out first, the purchase process should be quite easy. Most of the time, portable picnic tables come in a set that includes chairs, saving you a little effort in that department.

Some stores that sell portable tables can be found at the following websites:

Types of Portable Tables

One can classify portable tables not just based on their purpose but also based on the materials they are made of. Most common picnic tables are, for example, made up of aluminium and one can find them online for prices varying from £20 to £40, depending on the desired size and characteristics. Portable wooden tables are usually more expensive, with prices around £50 at a size comparable with aluminium tables that cost around £30. They are considered to be a little classier, although they might not be as practical. Steel tables can also be found, some of them as large as to include space for 8 to 10 people (the price however increases accordingly to around £70).

More specialized portable tables, like massage and manicure tables come usually at a higher price – a portable massage table can be found at prices ranging from £160 to as much £600. The exact model that would suit you varies based on characteristics like height, width, desired weight (if you are a masseur and are working at the client's home, obviously carrying a 20 pound table with you everywhere might not be very convenient), but also the desired top that should fit your preferred massage methods.

Portable Tables for Sale